Bachelorette party ideas


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So I am the maid-of-honor and I just wanted to share what I am doing for the bride. Mainly because I have been searching for ideas and rarely came across ideas as a whole. Maybe I just didn’t find what I was looking for, I don’t know. But here is my bachelorette party idea!


Starting the day off with an afternoon tea at the local irish pub. This is an awesome restaurant Im glad we have locally. The afternoon tea consists of two huge tea pots of whatever tea we want, as well as a three tier goody tower. The tower includes finger sandwiches, scones, jams, cookies, etc.

Following the afternoon tea is mani/pedi time at a fancy spa

then dinner and cocktails

Now, another bridesmaid and I are getting a hotel for the night and are splitting the cost for us and the bride (everyone else is on their own, however this can be worked out amongst your brides friends)

After dinner we will proceed to the hotel room where we will drink a little, open gifts, and change into night (club) clothes

Then we are off to dance (the bride is a professional dancer, so this was a must for the evening) in which we will play a game

What I did since the bride is NOT always up for being embarrassed, I made cards with tasks on them that she can decide if she wants to do them or if she wants a friend to do them. On the cards I put:

Take a pic on a motorcycle

get  a guy to propose to you

get a guy to buy you a shot

have a stranger sing to you

get a piggy back ride from a stranger

find a groom look alike

find a stranger with a hidden tattoo

get marriage advice on a napkin

take a “blow job” shot

cheek kiss a guy with a mustache

I got these ideas from random finds on the internet…may be adding more. But then we will take a picture and at the end I will print them off and make a booklet of a sort for the bride as a gift.


Hope this helps you maid-of-honors out there. I had fun planning.


Trying a new recipe


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I’ve let myself slip and have gained like 10 lbs!

Today I had energy drinks for breakfast (I know, not healthy, Im working on cutting them out)

Then for lunch I did a salad and a seltzer water with lime

I had a small craving so I grabbed 7 dark choc covered pomegranate seeds

For a snack I had Greek Yogurt with granola and Strawberry

I am going to attempt a vegetarian shepards pie I found on Pinterest

So instead of ground beef Im using lentils, and instead of white potatoes Im using Sweet Potatoes (this isnt a vegetarian thing, just a healthier choice)

Im still making the regular shepards pie for the boys though. God knows they cant go without meat in their dinner!

Also, Im making them rolls and I am going to try hard to avoid eating one.

Im not sure where my motivation went when I was at 126. but I am at 136 now and I cant handle it. I know this isnt an unhealthy weight for me to be at, but I do want to be healthy and I’ve gained for unhealthy reasons



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This mama is ready to homeschool.

After putting my oldest son in public school for kindergarten, I realized Im finally ready to obey what Gods will for me is. Stay home with my kiddos and teach them myself! I found a weekend job at the local mall in customer service. I work on weekends…how convenient! God planned? hmm…

With my new job position, I’ve had time to organize not only my home life budget and meal plans, but also my homeschool plans! I have the first month of Calebs schedule for pre-school done! Truly blessed!

For Christians first grade curriculum we are using SonLight. I am excited to get everything ordered.



Stuffed squash


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Stuffed squash

Cut squash into halves
Scoop out the seeds and place butter on top

Bake at 400 for an hour

Spoon our center and put into mixing bowl.

add whatever veggies and/or rice and cheese you like.
I put in:
Brocolli, onions, peppers, shredded chedder, black beans, and one other I forget…sorry

this was really good and healthy.

Get creative with your recipes, add herbs and other veggies. be adventurous



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I am writing this because it is now (and usually is) on my heart and one of my biggest pet peeves.

I hope all can remember when hearing someone speak negatively against another person, it is out of hurt and/or anger. Most gossip is not out of truth and love or uplifting spirits. People gossip because they are hurt by what someone has done and they want others to feel badly towards that person because of the hurt they have endured. Keep an open mind when listening to a gossip. Not saying that what they may be talking about is not true, but one’s perspective out of anger can be dramatized and misunderstood. As a Christian it is our job to say to that person that they are in fact gossiping and maybe they should talk to God about their feelings and ask Him to help them deal with it in a more appropriate manner. As a Christian myself I would hope my fellow Christian friends would challenge me when gossiping. Remind me. Pray for me.

As a listener I ask that you remember that the person speaking is hurt and do not judge the other person based off the gossip you hear. It’s wrong and happens often in churches (which is quite disappointing).

Prayers to those and myself who slip into gossip out of hurt or anger.

Lemon Chicken and Kale


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I am doing a cleanse of only eating things God has grown (and chicken lol). So I had to cook something today with the little we had and this is what I came up with…

Cut chicken into one serving portions, baked for 30 minutes.

boiled kale with onion.

Then out in on top of chicken and put back in the oven for 10 minutes.

squeezed lemon on top.


eating with baked potato with unsalted butter. 





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I have the worst love handles ever!!!! This has always been a struggle for me, even when I was a skinny teen. I gain weight first there and now that I have had three kids it seems like they are harder to lose than ever.

I found some valuable information that may help others struggling with this.

Stay away from white foods: white flour, salt, sugar, milk, and potatoes

Stay near colored foods: spinach, beets, kale, carrots, red cabbage, plums, grapes, eggplant, tomatoes, collard greens

Drink lemon water

That is the site I found this information from, it gives details as to why these options should help. I dont trust information that does not have some explanation as to WHY. Hope this helps 🙂

The New Year!


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So many goals come to mind to be set for the new year. My husband and I have made a jar and have been putting all the good things that happen into it. So as we wait for the new year to drop in, we will read all those good things and be thankful and pray for another good year!
My New Years Goals for the past 2 years have been to become healthier: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I do feel that each goal has been met. I continue to grow every day (with ups and downs).
My goals this year will remain the same, with the added goal: I WILL send a birthday card to close friends and family this year, possibly with gift. I have not been awesome with birthdays and I feel like they can hold loved ones who are far, together.

Happy New Year!