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I’ve let myself slip and have gained like 10 lbs!

Today I had energy drinks for breakfast (I know, not healthy, Im working on cutting them out)

Then for lunch I did a salad and a seltzer water with lime

I had a small craving so I grabbed 7 dark choc covered pomegranate seeds

For a snack I had Greek Yogurt with granola and Strawberry

I am going to attempt a vegetarian shepards pie I found on Pinterest

So instead of ground beef Im using lentils, and instead of white potatoes Im using Sweet Potatoes (this isnt a vegetarian thing, just a healthier choice)

Im still making the regular shepards pie for the boys though. God knows they cant go without meat in their dinner!

Also, Im making them rolls and I am going to try hard to avoid eating one.

Im not sure where my motivation went when I was at 126. but I am at 136 now and I cant handle it. I know this isnt an unhealthy weight for me to be at, but I do want to be healthy and I’ve gained for unhealthy reasons