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I am writing this because it is now (and usually is) on my heart and one of my biggest pet peeves.

I hope all can remember when hearing someone speak negatively against another person, it is out of hurt and/or anger. Most gossip is not out of truth and love or uplifting spirits. People gossip because they are hurt by what someone has done and they want others to feel badly towards that person because of the hurt they have endured. Keep an open mind when listening to a gossip. Not saying that what they may be talking about is not true, but one’s perspective out of anger can be dramatized and misunderstood. As a Christian it is our job to say to that person that they are in fact gossiping and maybe they should talk to God about their feelings and ask Him to help them deal with it in a more appropriate manner. As a Christian myself I would hope my fellow Christian friends would challenge me when gossiping. Remind me. Pray for me.

As a listener I ask that you remember that the person speaking is hurt and do not judge the other person based off the gossip you hear. It’s wrong and happens often in churches (which is quite disappointing).

Prayers to those and myself who slip into gossip out of hurt or anger.