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My husband has not jumped completely on board with my new convictions. So it’s hard to get the boys to eat healthier when there is a big box of Captain Crunch staring at them. Fortunately, they do love fruit and vegetables. One new healthy breakfast I have been making for the boys (and they have been asking for before cereal) is a simple scrambled egg with cheese and light seasoned salt, with jam on toast, grape tomatoes and apple slices. I know not all kids like vegetables, one thing I learned and tried out (and it worked) was putting items they say they dont like or wont eat on their plate anyway. Eventually they will just start eating it because of the familiarity. Im not sure exactly why this works because I dont have the book anymore. But Christian hated raisins and I kept putting them on his plate for lunch and now he eats them and asks for them as a snack.

I also have been pre-bagging snacks likes carrots and celery that have to be cut up. That way if I dont feel like cutting something fresh up and its easier to just grab something, I dont have to settle for chips or cookies.